Great Tips on Building a Cold Frame

If snow is covering your roads, and you long for a fresh salad, then it’s time for you to take action.

My Mom’s Awesome Cold Frame is a video that inspires and helps you construct your own easy cold frame. Don’t just dream of fresh greens when you can build your own weather-protected enclosure.

Recycle an Old, Glass-Paneled DoorBe eco-friendly, and reuse an old glass-paneled door as a lid. Build a bottomless wood frame about knee high, and attach the door to serve as the lid. If your door-lid is heavy, use sturdy hinges. For windy areas, attach a screen-door hook and an eye-bolt to secure your lid.

Add a Pulley System

Get out the tools, a pulley and some rope or steel cable. Attach the pulley to a stationary source, and add another eye-bolt to the lid. Thread the rope through the pulley and the bolt for a hand-operated lid opener.

Invest in Soil and Seeds

Unless you have a mature compost pile, you will need to buy some peat moss, Perlite and potting soil for your mini-garden. Loose rich soil is necessary.

Choose Cold Hardy Seeds

Instead of buying the small selection of vegetables at the market, now you can grow purple lettuce and white radishes. Choose cold hardy seeds for your new adventure:

  • parsley
  • leaf lettuce
  • radish
  • spinach
  • basil

Watch this video, and you can have your own supply of nutrient-dense, greens all year; moreover, you can enjoy the meditative, healing process of caring for plants.