The Most Beautiful Gardens In The World – Keukenhof Garden in Amsterdam


The Keukenhof Gardens in Amsterdam cover approximately 79 acres. The Keukenhof Tulip Gardens make up the largest flower garden in the world. Around 800,000 people, visit the wooded gardens in the spring. They take in the blazing color that surrounds the park. There are winding paths, shady ponds, brooks, and greenhouses to enjoy.

Besides the millions of tulips, bluebells, hyacinths, daffodils, and narcissi create a landscape that combines nature and artificial precision. The perfectly placed blossoms bloom at the precisely calculated time. Wilting temperatures are no cause for concern. Helping hands plant fresh blooms throughout the season. The site has refreshment stands, cafes, and pavilion that hold special exhibits.

The park opens in March and remains open until late May. It is best to check opening dates. They vary slightly from year to year. Special train or bus connection from nearby Leiden and Haarlem are available. Keukenhof Gardens offer eight tours.


· The only operator having permission of fly in central Amsterdam enjoys priority entrance to the gardens. The sightseeing flight has skip-the-line entry. Visitors fly aboard a historic World War II airplane. They see the city’s tulip fields, windmills, canals and city center. Guests explore the gardens at their leisure. Lunch is included at visitors’ choice of restaurants.

· A thirty-minute sightseeing tour on the vintage plane books only 12 passengers at one time. Guests bring cameras to capture the explosion of color. Guests have ample room to relax.

· Another skip-the-line entrance tour is an all-inclusive day trip visit. Picnic in the tulip gardens at lunchtime. Meet and greet a behind-the-scenes expert gardener to get an insider view of the gardens. A walking tour of the medieval gem, nearby Haarlem, is part of the package.

· A special Super Saver tour is led by a local guide. Along with seeing flowering tulips, fishing villages, and windmills, you visit a clog maker and take a boat ride to see cheese made in the traditional way. A leisurely walk through the Keukenhof Gardens is part of the tour.

· A private luxury car tour includes entrance tickets to Keukenhof Gardens. This tour allows for flexibility. Take tulip field photos along the way. Explore the gardens at your leisure.

· Combine a sightseeing tour of the city with a Keukenhof Gardens trip by booking a two and one-half hour morning coach tour. The Albert Cuyp Market, National Monument, and Royal Palace are attractions seen on this tour. Spend the afternoon in the Dutch country’s beautiful tulip fields. A guided tour of the famous Keukenhof Gardens precedes time to explore the gardens at your leisure. People choose this tour because it hits the Amsterdam highlights before the unforgettable tulip field visit.

Keukenhof Gardens_2

The pond in the picture has stepping stones and a spraying fountain. A wooded area provides the background of the image. Daffodils and red tulips adorn a portion of the pond bank. Tulips, that are both red and yellow in color, comprise another flower bed pictured here.


Keukenhof Gardens_3

The winding path of flowers has blue tulips down the center and alternating beds of red tulips and daffodils along both sides.


Keukenhof Gardens_4

Shining rays of the sun peak through the wooded area outside the rows of hyacinths that are shades of pink and purple.


Keukenhof Gardens_5

White tulips pop to gain the attention of the viewer before the added bluebells become noticeable. Red tulips sit between the two contrasting blooms.

Keukenhof Gardens_7

The blue of the building is a near match to the blue hyacinths in the picture. The yellow daffodils separate the flowers from the structure so that both attract the eye.


Keukenhof Gardens_8

Pink tulips tower above the showy pink beardtongue variety of phlox. The water setting contains matching flower beds.


Keukenhof Gardens_9

A thatched roof pavilion and wishing well are set among white narcissi. Greenery, yellow tulips, and other blooming plants complement the scene.


Keukenhof Gardens_10

Purple hyacinths form the sea of flowers that flows through the wooded area enhanced with other well-placed greenery.



Clumps of green foliage have sparks of blue flowers to top them. Rows of the blue beauties add color all around the pond. White narcissi and tulips of red, yellow and pink are strategically placed to enhance their beauty.



Orange tulips in this scene are the first to grab the eye. Areas of pink, red, and yellow tulips are beautiful afterthoughts. Hyacinths, daffodils, and others subtly add contrast.



A brick path invites visitors to sit and enjoy the view with the addition of three identical benches. Tulips of many colors are the mainstay of this area. A few other plants and greenery enhance the view.



Sitting on the arc-shaped bench puts one in the middle of hundreds of tulips. Bright red tulips enhanced by white narcissi and additional pink blooms are closest to the seating area. A calm sea of white tulips is on the other side.


Pink and purple rows of hyacinths grow near the pond that reflects a wooded area that is apparently nearby.



At the feet of this line of trees, a trail of bluebells meanders between two tulip collections. Bright red tulips are on one side, shades of pink on the other.



Just like the pond seen here, visitors drink in the sun that shines on the winding cobblestone path lined on both sides by tulips of all colors.



A rainbow shaped display of red, yellow, white and purple tulips graces the pathway of the gardens.



Bluebells line both sides of a mixture of colored tulips. Red tulips frame the display in front and behind it.


The patch of bluebells seems to stretch forever in this scene. Alternating beds of white daffodils and red tulips help to stretch the imagination.